the Book industry was among the sectors of the economy, is bearing serious losses due to the pandemic due to the discontinuance of book stores and falling sales of book retail. Despite the fact that many publishers turned to online sales, the financial difficulties they had to face, it is difficult to compensate for income from sales of products on the online platforms.

Earlier, the Deputy Ministry of communications Alexei Volin said that the losses of publishers for March and April amounted to almost 1 billion rubles, and the loss of bookstores – 3.2 billion rubles.

“the predicament now publishers, the scale surpass any problems for the duration of their existence. Provided by the support of domestic book industry on our side, modest, but we hope that it will contribute in support of the industry”, – stressed the head of Rospechat Mikhail Seslavinsky said that in the circumstances, especially anxious for the fate of small regional publishers.

In the List of sectors of the Russian economy, the worst affected in the deteriorating situation with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, approved by the Russian Government, was included the media and production of printed materials, namely, publishing of books, Newspapers, magazines and periodicals, the activities of news agencies, online publications and broadcasting.

Rospechat jointly with the Ministry of communications has begun work aimed at alleviating the consequences of the crisis for enterprises in the book industry. Bookselling enterprises of small and medium business obtained the right to use benefits and tax breaks provided for the industries included in the list.