Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the summer of 2020 may be the hottest for all history of meteorological observations.

Extreme heat up to 35 degrees are expected in the capital region in June and July. With such a forecast made by experts of the Russian research Institute on problems of civil defense and emergency situations.

“In June-July 2020 in some regions of Russia is projected to increased likelihood of periods of extreme high temperature. In temperate latitudes, including in the Moscow region, in the afternoon air can get warm to +30 degrees, and on the southern borders of the country above +35”, – quotes RIA Novosti news Agency message.

Experts fear that the summer heat can increase the incidence of wildfires in the Far East and Siberia, where also it is abnormal warm. In Moscow, Ryazan, Tver, Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions are not excluded peatland fires, warned the Agency.

But there is in this situation and its advantages. Some experts believe that a hot summer is able to inhibit the spread of coronavirus infection due to exposure to sunlight and warm temperatures. It is also believed that at this time of year people usually increases immunity.