Subsequently, a major round of talks on the program. The discussions centred mainly on a common trade agreement between the two countries, and presumably also to the Situation on the Korean island.

“We currently have large trade negotiations with Japan,” said Trump. He criticized in this context, the Japanese tariffs on agricultural products from the United States. “We do not fill their cars with customs duties. I think it comes out something Good.”

Trump will play on Saturday, with Abe, among other things, to Golf. At the end of may, the U.S. President also plans a visit to Japan, where he will also meet with the then newly crowned Emperor Naruhito. At the end of June, the Trump plan is moderately again in Japan, then at the G20 summit in Osaka.

Abe and Trump is said to have a good rapport with each other. The Japanese head of government had visited the first foreign guest of the Trump in New York, than this is chosen for the US President, but not yet in the office.