ABC (Spain): two Russian aircraft chased two Spanish F-18 over the Baltic sea in August

In August last year, two Spanish fighter jet participating in the NATO mission to protect the airspace of the Baltic States, intercepted an unidentified aircraft with Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Board.

Now the Ministry of defence of Spain condemns the actions of two Russian fighter jets that escorted the plane Sergei Shoigu, and believes that by discovering the Spanish aircraft, they “deliberately and drastically reduced the distance with them and made the” F-18 to move away “at a safe distance.” One of the Russian aircraft crossed the flight path of one of the Spanish F-18.

the Controversy erupted when the Ministry of defense of Russia publicly condemned the fact that NATO fighter tried to approach the plane of the Minister of defence, accompanied by two Russian su-27. The Russian side has even published a recording made from the plane Shoigu, which is seen as the F-18 is flying in the direction of the liner and goes away after it flies up to one of the su-27.

Subsequently, NATO officials explained that the Russian aircraft did not identify themselves in the airspace over the waters of the Baltic sea, so was sent to the Air police with the purpose of “identification”.

according to the Agency Europa Press, in response to the request of the Deputy of the Basque left party Bildu EH ion Inarritu, the Ministry of defence said that during the identification of the su-27 “deliberately and drastically reduced the distance with the Spanish fighters, who had to retreat to a safe distance”.


During this mission, Spanish F-18s were in the air for about an hour and after completion returned to base ämari airbase in Estonia. “Such situations arise in variouscnyh cases where NATO aircraft participated in the mission to protect the airspace of the Baltic States”, — explained the representative of the Ministry of defence.

Baltic air patrols carried out in 2004, when Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined NATO. In 2014, along with other members of the Alliance, Spain participates in patrols, the purpose of which is to an unidentified aircraft flying over the Baltic sea.

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