So quickly, a new Investor has rarely, for heads to roll in a group. Since a few days, ABB has a very active large shareholders on Board. The investment company Artisan Partners joined ABB and makes a lot of pressure. With the money that has solved the Artisan in the sale of the logistics group, Panalpina. The Americans hold about 3 percent of FIG. The entry is likely to have placed additional pressure on Ulrich spiesshofer (55).

Now, the Board of Directors engages under President Peter Voser: ABB CEO Spiesshofer has to vacate immediately his position. VIEW white: After all, Spiesshofer was allowed to terminate yesterday evening itself, leaves FIG so half my head held high. The Chairman and Peter Voser (61) takes over the CEO Post until a successor is found, as it says in the message from Wednesday.

The new Organisation provides for the splitting of

, But only the CEO was under pressure, the future of the whole group is at stake. Because the US investors, the elimination of the current network is not enough division, you want to the Swiss-Swedish large group file animals. This FIG offers themselves, but the group just to be a lean organization, with four more or less independent units, which could consist of each on the market!

The share of the technology company, today Wednesday due to the ceiling: 5 percent of the increase is now. The benchmark index, the SMI occurs, however, on the spot. Investors applaud Voser, therefore, be upheld.

Voser, the new strong man at ABB, thanks-like in his assigned CEO: “Under the leadership of Ulrich Spiesshofer ABB has developed a global technology leader, with a clear focus on digital industries. He has aligned the company’s new strategic and in all areas of the business growth momentum,” said Voser.

Spiesshofer takes time out

FIG said the search for a new CEO had already initiated. The current strategy Voser want: “We will continue to focus on the implementation of the ABB strategy and value for all our stakeholders,” says Voser, 2015 at the head of the Board of FIG. to achieve

“To our financial goals, we will promote the sale of the electricity network business as planned, the corporate structure of the group, simplify, and the announced cost savings.”

Spiesshofer self announces: “I will now take a break before I decide on the next Chapter of my professional life.”

Already in the last years and months, investors have been anything other than satisfied with the work of Spiesshofer. Above all, Investors FROM around the Wallenberg family. With around ten percent of the largest shareholders of FIG. To them it was apparently too slowly, as the group is purged after the sale of the electricity network business to Hitachi, and fit for the future has been trimmed. The main problem: the price of The ABB share is languishing for a long time, a departure to new high-altitude flights in sight.

Regular quarterly result

at the same time with the Bang on the head of the group the published FIGURE, the result for the quarter. The consolidated profit declined in the first quarter by 6 percent to $ 535 million. Orders and sales have developed in a stable, according to FIG.

Spiesshofer was in September 2013, the group chief Executive of ABB, previously he had held since 2005 in various Executive positions in the technology group. Whether the Switzerland-urged the German dual citizens from office or volunteer to the rice leash pulled is unclear. In the media release spiesshofer speaks of a “well-trimmed” ship, which he passed to the interim group chief Executive Peter Voser.

Whether or not the rate of the industry is set to tankers, actually, how Spiesshofer continued to write, and whether the FIG has, in fact, already recorded, again, is likely one of the sticking points about the surprising resignation of his. The last FIGURE made the headlines with the sale of the electricity network business to Hitachi. A sales, had resisted against the spies Hofer for a long time. Spiesshofer is now going to Hitachi?

His interim successor, Peter Voser returned in 2015 to FIG, after he had worked from 2002 to 2004, as chief financial officer of ABB. As its ambitions, the group chief Executive of Swedish-Swiss industrial group smashed at the time, moved Voser the energy giant Royal Dutch Shell. There he rose to the chief Executive officer.