The project made headlines around the world, To the lasting inhabitants to stop shrinkage, agree to the Voters of the Valais mountain village of Albinen an unusual measure. With a start-up assistance of several tens of thousands of francs, Newcomers should be in the place of curly (LOOK told).

As the first bite of the Hewers. Four months ago the family left their previous home of Seengen in the Aargau and is drawn to the Valais. Now, Nicole (41) and Pascal Hewer (40) experience with her daughters, Emilie (4) and the six-month-old Cilia the first Winter in the snowy mountains. She regrets the move.

single-family house instead of rented apartment

“the hand of fate,” Nicole and Pascal Hewer to the “Migros magazine” the Moment, as you have read in the newspaper of the action in Albinen. In Seengen the family no longer felt no longer really at home. You lacked Cohesion among the population – and in the Winter, the fog struck on the mind.

This is in Albinen different. 25’000 Swiss francs per adult, CHF 10’000 for each child – so much were the Hewers as a start-up capital in the mountain town. Instead of in a rented apartment you now live in a detached house. How much did you pay for it, don’t you want to say. “But without the 70’000 Swiss francs from the municipality, it would have been financially brace, hardly,” says Nicole Hewer.

“Tend to be it will go better,”

Also, at the end of the month the bill goes up for the Hewers, apparently. The mortgage interest rate for the house is lower than the rental of a dwelling in Seengen. In addition, the children allowances are now higher. “The trend is to go even a bit better,” says Nicole Hewer.

the Newcomers were allowed to keep the money of the municipality, you must stay a minimum of ten years in Albinen. For family Hewer is little current evidence to suggest that it will exit the mountain-the adventure again soon. On the doorstep you will not have the fog to the country, but the postcard idyll of the Alps. “This is the true life,” says Pascal Hewer. (cat)