It had “decided with a heavy heart”, the circus until Further notice is no longer continuing, informed the families of Nock on Friday in Oeschgen in the Canton of Aargau, Fricktal. Nostalgia, professionalism, and passion alone is not longer sufficient.

“In the current situation, we can no longer guarantee the usual high standard of quality,” write the operator of Switzerland’s oldest circus. The business had become more complex. Despite a high level of self-financing of the deficits had grown.

Central places in Swiss cities and in the municipalities would increasingly scarce commodity. The seats were small, were not always available and the rental rates as well as the regulatory requirements have increased from year to year.

“happy cities and municipalities formerly in the circus, a today, here and there, the feeling of being just tolerated,” write the families of the Nock.

Also the more stringent animal welfare requirements would put the circus companies under pressure. Animal rights activists criticized the animal numbers and the keeping of animals.

Countless entertainment such as Musicals, concerts or festival in the summer competition, the circus. As a result, a circus have to master the difficult balancing act between nostalgia and Innovation.

A dash through the bill the warm weather in the summer was doing, because nobody wanted to sit in a tent at these temperatures in a circus.

“The bright eyes of our big and little spectators at our numerous performances and those of our great artists will forever remain in our memory,” write the families Nock: “The circus life and the circus air will be missed.”