late On Easter Saturday, the Canton police of Aargau carried out on the A1 at Spreitenbach is a speed control. A maximum of 120 km/are allowed there, The radar device is, in the direction of travel of Bern set up. Shortly after 22.30 PM, a VW Beetle pre thundered. A novice drivers (22) from Colombia, who had it apparently in a hurry – and how. The VW Beetle was measured, with 219 km/h. A whopping 99 km/h too fast.

in the night, the Canton police of Aargau, visited the 22-Year-old at his place of residence in the district of Baden. He was taken into custody. His driver’s licence on probation had to give the Colombians. The Prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal investigation into how the Canton police writes of Aargau in a message.

Two more speeders made

The novice drivers is not the only racer who went to the police and into the net. Also in Oberhof AG for the cantonal police, controlled. In the afternoon, the laser measurement device captured a Kia, drove with 153 km/h in the direction of the pass. In: Swiss (21), had also a licence on a trial basis. In addition, a motorcycle has a measured driver with 130 km/h. He also had to give up his driver’s license.

control in Bern

On the brünig pass in the Canton of Bern have been drawn from the five Töfffahrer with massively excessive speed on good Friday by the police from the traffic. The fastest of the motorcycle group 172 uphill was outside town near Meiringen, with pace on the go.

The other four racers speeds of between 151 and 163 kilometers per hour on the speedometer had, such as the Bern cantonal police announced on Easter Sunday. Section, a maximum of 80 km/are allowed on the corresponding Road. h. The Töfffahrer were allowed in the speed control shortly after 15.15 in the area of Hausen are more than twice as fast as.

The Handlebar between the ages of 31 and 44 years have had their driving licences on the spot, the police wrote more. In addition, the authorities seized five motorcycles. The men have to answer now because of speeders offences before the justice. (jmh/SDA)