Sandro Burki: What can I say, CC has actually always right.

Maybe so. (laughs). But we are also the blatant geek. Xamax in the super League is, Xamax is playing at home on artificial turf. Xamax has played a great rear-round. And then Constantins forecast. You can see it so that we have a chance.

… Clearly you are a bitter loss. They are all very experienced and have most recently shown great performances. But their failure, in turn, is a Chance for other players, not so much for the use came. I’m sure that you are burning on a stake, and your case well will make.

all The pressure is Xamax. The are no good games for the Super League team, you can only lose. The under-class may be exempt install.

In this combination, anyway! It is incredible what we have achieved this season after the capitals failed start – with zero points from six Games – yet. The Barrage is a great success.

no. The Fans are allowed to hope, dream, and the two games to look forward to. We also look forward and promise to do everything that we can ascend.