A young man who is born in 1998, was on Wednesday night brought to the a & e department in Glostrup.

the Man had been stabbed three times in the leg. It informs, Copenhagen is Ranked the Police to B. T.

“At 10.45 on Wednesday evening we got the message about a person who had been stabbed with a knife. And it turned out to be a man of 98 who had been stabbed three times – superficially – in the leg,” says vagtchef Brian Holm by the police to the B. T.

on the Night of Thursday, police were out on the spot to investigate the matter further.

Here selected, among other things, to cordon off an area and investigate a specific car in detail, explains vagtchefen.

“We checked the car, as it was, the man had been brought to the hospital,” says Brian Holm.

However, the police not much is known about what exactly happened, when the young man was stuck.

“Neither him, who had been stabbed, or him, that had driven him to the emergency room, wanted to participate in the clearing of what has happened,” says Brian Holm.