A young lass threw al Pacino because he's a stingy old man

the 40-year-old Israeli actress Meital of Doan left 79-year-old al Pacino, explaining the breakup of the big age difference, and the reluctance of the actor to spend money on expensive gifts.

Roman star “the Godfather” with a woman lasted about two years. Metal of Dean publicly stated that it is hard to be with an old man, even if it’s al Pacino. According to the actress, she tried to accept the fact that her husband is a man of old age, but for all of her love relationship could no longer continue.

Meital Also said that al Pacino never gave her nothing but flowers, despite the fact that the status of men is estimated at $ 180 million. Doan expected that the famous actor gave her a more impressive gift, reports the Daily Mail.

the Woman shared that saved Pacino friendships.

American actor famous for roles in the trilogy “the Godfather”, “Scarface”, “the devil’s Advocate”, “Thirteen friends of Oushena” and many others. The role in the movie “Scent of a woman” brought al Pacino an Oscar for best actor.

the Man had many novels, but have never been married. Despite this, he is the father of three children.