Well, for a year, my fiancée and I planned, advise and make us all happy – the so-called “the most beautiful day of our life”, our wedding. Currently, we are a bunch a shards. We may not celebrate in the planned Church, has been fixed for today. Whether the Ceremony can take place – we don’t know it. And to the Registrar’s office may the best man and the parents not be present. For events of any size-Westphalia because of the Coronavirus in North Rhine-is actually prohibited.

The idea to the Move is terrible

And, let’s be honest: This feels terrible. I know I talk well. Finally, my profession is not in me on the Brink. I don’t have to fear for my existence. Also I don’t count the at-risk group. So there is another, which is currently significantly worse. Nevertheless, the current wedding situation is extremely depressing.

the wedding rings may need to be re-engraved, is still the smallest Problem. Serious questions like: do we Get the otherwise fully-booked request, the restaurant even on a different date? Then come all of the guests? Who remains, finally, to cover the costs? What is a realistic date that we can reschedule? … In short: we have not presented to us on this very special day.

Why me?

And I can’t help it all: at times I wonder why just the two of us so something must happen. Why must break the crisis is now about Germany? Why we can not simply choose a different date? Would not have passed less drastic measures, maybe?

rationally, I know that these thoughts are productive. It could have all been different – but it is not. That’s why I want to understand the current Situation is much better than a good school.

Not the rulers of the world

We people don’t have the Power over everything. Crises like the present, let me be aware of. And that is a good thing. It helps me to be humble. We are not always the rulers of this world, there are limits. In the reverse conclusion this means: I can be many things to be grateful, because they are not self-evident. To be able to celebrate weddings, for example.

misfortune moments like this ensure that Everyday makes me happy again. In a small everyone knows the feeling, for example, if the runny nose subsides after weeks finally. How much greater our joy will be, when we are allowed to occur, finally, as a Couple walk down the aisle? This will be a gift that I can practice gratitude.

All Good

And also in addition, I can learn from this Situation. As a Christian, I am firmly convinced that everything is for the Good. So why not also the potential failure of the wedding? Maybe the 28 would be. March is a rainy day become. Perhaps someone had plugged in, and would be seriously ill. Maybe …

In my past, I was able to experience again and again, that even out of bad situations something Good can arise. My supposed desire not to have me rejected by University due to a formal error in the System, I would have learned to never take my current fiancee know. I would have gotten the Job I wanted as a teenager, I would not be in a profession that fulfills me.

“are the ways of The Lord are inscrutable,” it is so beautiful. I was able to experience so far, again and again. Why not at my wedding? This positive Thinking I am now learning – if a little on the hard Tour.

of The Non-wedding day

28. March want to declare my fiancee and I doubt by the way to the wedding day. Who says you can’t celebrate, as soon as you can again? It is a nice thought, to tell our kids year after year, as their parents almost got married. And then luckily, as soon as possible have to be rescheduled.

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