He has announced a Big: “Make America great again,” was Donald trump (73) campaign slogan, with which he went in the summer of 2015 into the race for President. In the battle for the White house, he announced deliberately, to want the USA to be “number one in the world” make. Hardly anyone had taken the New York real estate Mogul and Reality-TV Star at the time, seriously. Neither the media nor the Democrats, nor Republicans.

But Donald Trump surprised everyone. First, he won the Republican primaries, he struck the political experienced, and actually vastly superior to Hillary Clinton (72), in a memorable campaign worthy. As he on 20. January 2017 in the White house, moved in, he made it clear with his Amtsansprache all Americans and the world, as the US policy in the future should look like: “America first!”

probably one of The most underrated presidential candidate of the history, ruling the United States since January of 2017. In a year he wants to secure re-election. Time to take stock: What are the full-bodied choice has implemented campaign promises Trump is actually and how he’s failed? Sunday view makes the Check.


A wall of concrete to curb illegal immigration and Mexico for sheets. But the country refused. For the purpose of financing the Trump that’s why wanted to 18 billion dollars from Congress. But not played with. As the President, the members with the longest part of the government (“Shutdown”), the story was blackmailing, not giving into the Democrats and some Republicans. Trump called then, in February of 2019, the national state of emergency, to be able to the wall without parliamentary approval to Fund. He received in April of $ 3.6 billion from the Pentagon. Until today, the government is about 100 kilometres to the decayed barriers has been replaced by new fences. The concrete track. And also of the first promised nearly 3200 kilometers of Trump is still miles away.

Not adhered to.

Less climate protection

Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. Therefore, he resigned in August of 2017, out of the Paris climate agreement. In addition, he has made tougher rules for coal-fired power plants, a centerpiece of Obama’s climate policy, will be reversed. In his budget plan for 2019, the Trump-government has reduced, in addition the expenditure of the United States for initiatives in the environmental area, to around $ 200 million. This corresponds to a reduction of about 70 percent compared to the spending of the Obama Administration.

Complied with.

a Better free trade agreement

Trump felt ripped off by the trading partners. New free trade agreements he submitted shortly after taking office on ice, the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP) he got out in the agreement with Canada and Mexico has been replaced. To this end, he launched a trade war with the EU and China. In the past few months, Trump increased the punitive tariffs again and again. Has not paid off, but the trade deficit of the United States is on the rise.

Not adhered to.

Better relationship to Russia

The American-Russian relationship has not improved: In the summer of 2017, it came to a mutual Mass expulsions of diplomats. The USA also extended sanctions against Russia. At the beginning of 2019 Trump announced the historic disarmament Treaty INF.

Not adhered to.

Obamacare abolish

The Barack Obama introduced health insurance should be abolished and something “much Better” to be replaced, promised Trump. His Version, however, failed in the Senate on the voting against of the now deceased Republican John McCain (†81). Trump then tried the hated health care reform by the Democrats to overturn it. So he ordered the competent authorities to promote, and cut subsidies to the health insurers. But Obamacare lives on until today in an attenuated Form.

Not adhered to.

tax reform

The largest Trump-success. The 2017 adopted tax reform, is the largest circulation of the U.S. tax law for more than 30 years. Evaluations show: Of Trumps tax cuts to mainly the Rich and the companies benefit. The middle class received a marginal relief.

Complied with.

Iran nuclear deal

Trump described the agreement with Iran as the worst agreement, which would have the United States ever. In may 2018, the step he did, and announced the withdrawal of the United States. The suspended US sanctions against Iran came in November 2018, is back in force.

Complied with.

Conservative constitutional court judge

With Neil from gorsuch and the harassment allegations controversial Brett Kavanaugh was able to install Trump two conservative judges on the Supreme Court. So the Conservatives on the highest court of the country are in the majority. And because the judges are appointed for life, has your choice of a far-reaching significance.

Complied with.

“America first!”

Trump wanted to COP distance to the allies, and a retreat from America’s role as the world’s. Therefore, he raised punitive tariffs on EU products, tightened the sound compared to the Nato partners and called on them to higher military spending. The world’s policeman, the United States remained under Trump. In the Iran conflict, the President sent in may of 1500 additional soldiers and ships of war in the Middle East. In Syria, the U.S. military is at the forefront mixed with – up to the US President in October 2019, almost overnight, their trigger announced. Now, however, some should remain to protect in the North-East of Syria’s oil Fields before the Islamic state (IS).

Partially complied with.

immigration limit

The ban on entry for citizens from Muslim countries went through several Revisions. At the borders of the “zero tolerance”policy applies in addition, since April 2018. The crowbar policy effect: The immigration goes back. Especially in the past few months, the illegal border dropped crossings massively. In September 2019, with 63 percent fewer illegal immigrants were registered than in may.

Complied with.


On 5. November 2020 the presidential elections held in the United States. Donald Trump (73) is seeking a second term. And also the candidate field of Democrats is so great as never. All the information about the elections and candidates, it is always in the News Ticker.