At 9. September 2018 being played on the cruise ship Aida Luna dramatic scenes. A surveillance video shows how a Person in women’s clothes at five in the morning charging in the morning on the railing, it rises and jumps. In the case of this Person, it was the pop singer Daniel Küblböck (33). Why the entertainers chose such a sad way, still remains a mystery.

a year later, although there are many theories about the tumultuous inner life of the bird of Paradise, but only few answers. That Küblböck put already from the beginning of the trip, a bizarre behavior on the day. The singer was wearing women’s clothes, putting on makeup, and just wanted to be with a “woman Emperor” mentioned. After he joined the nights a rampage around, screaming and other passengers against the door, he had to change several times in the cabin. In addition, he was often under the influence of alcohol.

Lost Küblböck in the transvestite role?

His father, Günther Küblböck had already known before the cruise that his son suffered severe psychological problems, and tries to prevent his departure. To blame for the condition of his son, the acting school was Günther, the Küblböck before his death, had visited. There Küblböck should play in his final piece of the transvestites Aurora. “He didn’t want to at first, all of a sudden he went full-on in the role. He wanted to make a good conclusion,” said Günther, the “Colorful”. Küblböck was lost in the role?

Some members do not believe in death

80 hours were looking for the rescue forces with several boats and two aircraft to the Entertainer, a body was never found. However, at a water temperature of ten degrees, Survival is likely to be impossible. However, not everyone wants to believe in the death of Küblböck. “The is not dead. You will have a deductible. Why should he kill himself? No way!”, his stepfather, Herbert Lenz said, for example, in a documentation of the “image”. His former life partner, Robin Gasser (23) want to feel that Küblböck live today in Canada.

Also, his family wants the singer has not officially declared dead. “For us there is no reason for such a step, and certainly not due to inheritance matters,” write the members on its website, which is still online. Therefore, Küblböck is also a year after the fateful 9. September 2018, officially, as “missing”. And the mystery will probably remain unsolved. (klm)