A wounded deer picked up on the runway at Tomsk airport

a Wounded deer picked up on the territory of Tomsk airport. The animal was sent to the wildlife rehabilitation Centre “the Phoenix”. However, injured deer will not be able to produce in a familiar environment.

a Wounded animal on the runway of said airport workers. They are using the animal caught ROE. How to tell the version of the site tvtomsk.ru the organizer of the rehabilitation Center Nina Krylova: “After ROE came to us, she was examined by a veterinarian. She is a young female up to three years. The nature of injuries revealed that about two weeks ago, she fell into a trap. Miraculously got out of it,” said Nina Krylova.

According to center staff, the nature of the injury will not allow OLE, the so — called ROE to go live in the wild. So she will choose a place, perhaps in one of Tomsk’s stables, under the supervision of the person.

Text: GTRK “Tomsk”