A wolf the size of a man shot near the Bashkir village

a Huge wolf the size of a man shot and killed the inhabitants of a village in the Blagoveschensk district of Bashkiria. Extreme measures people had to go, due to the fact that the beast came too close to the settlement.

As reported STRC “Bashkortostan”, the carcass of an animal the size of an adult took the photo. A resident of the village Alexandrovka told that we have to be alert. The last time the wolves often see near the cemetery, the raptors run into the local village and graze in the gardens. And recently they killed three pet dogs in a nearby village.

a Real disaster this year for the villagers were flocks of gray predators that attack livestock. Only on the territory of Semenov reserve in baleyskaya district of the Zabaikalsk region discovered more than two dozen heads torn cows, horses and sheep.

Text: GTRK “Bashkortostan”