A warm winter will not lead to a cold summer: a climatologist gave a forecast

As explained climatologist, head of the program “Climate and energy” world wildlife Fund Alexey Kokorin, for the European part of Russia it is impossible to predict the summer weather, based on average winter performance. Such predictions are possible in the zones of influence of the monsoons, the phases of which it is possible to predict and calculate – for example, in the Primorye territory, where there is the East Asian monsoon but not in Moscow. Statistical data on the observations of temperature in the capital also does not confirm the theory about the dependence of summer and winter weather.

— Warm winter means no cold or abnormally hot summer. This principle, that if somewhere warmer, somewhere colder, only works in a specific point in time. For example, if February is in one region is warmer by 10 degrees, then in another, theoretically it can be colder, but there still need to consider the heat content of the ocean.

For the summer in Central Russia, the expert can give only one prediction – it will be on average 2 degrees warmer than in the 1970-ies. This is consistent with the General trend observed by scientists – every 10 years the temperature rises by about 0.5 degrees.

the Really serious consequences of the warm winter might have on agro, said the expert. Fields are not covered with snow can suffer from frosts in the spring and droughts in summer. Slowly melting snow to nourish the earth, and snowless winters can leave the soil without moisture.

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