As a mother, Kimberly Sze on the invoice for your Brunch looks up, she meets the blow. Not because the Breakfast costs a whopping 64 dollars. But because of a nasty remark against her little daughter!

it Happened in the Local “Coffee Supreme” in Christchurch, new Zealand. One of the waiters was listed but in fact, “Family w the terrifying kid”, so “family with the fearsome child,” on the receipt. Well, to be able to guests to remember.

compliments for the child – then the!

Outraged Sze, published last Saturday, a photo of the invoice. These angry words: “My daughter is always polite and friendly and we have yet to leave any Dirt. It is not a terrifying child, never had a screaming fit and has never caused problems.”

Also made the staff in that Café regular compliments on how sweet is your daughter. And the same would have worked on Saturday. “We showed the receipt to the waiter and said it was okay. He couldn’t say a word,” said the mother.

But after the mother has released the recording follows as quick as a flash an apology. The operator write meekly on Facebook: “We have made at the weekend, a mistake and a customer-upset – a young family who wanted to enjoy a Moment of normality. Sorry incredible and we would like to apologize here in public.”

Now Free drinks for families

So that families do not avoid the operation now, announces the launch of the Café: “parents with children will get a week of free drinks.”

Kimberly Sze makes clear, the Management of the company had reported in the meantime and personally apologized. From the Free-offer the mother wants to still benefit: The Store you would like to enter never more. (hah)