In the minutes, to be replaced with barrels of beer, Alpine macaroni sold, and hundreds of Poulets in the heat rotated. Saturday, just before noon, at the Federal wrestling and Alpine sports festival in train.

While the transducers measure in the sawdust and the audience in the Arena, alternately cheering and escape, the operator of the food stalls on the big rush. Your offer reads like one of the Swiss food: Rösti, Bratwurst, Raclette.

sausage, cheese, maids of honor,

Here, the world is still in order: While scientists view the climate crisis for a majority plant food based Express form enjoy the sausage and cheese without a bad Conscience.

And while June thousands of women for equality went on the road, at least the honour of ladies here like to do in the Background: “For us, it is a great honor to announce the winner of the crown. The Swing, we prefer to leave to the men,” say Alexandra (25), Ramona (27), Seraina (24) and Tanya (29). Tradition will be posted on Federal Grand.

Many have brought for the Feast, the Costumes and shirts out of the closet. So also Peter Aebisser (84) and Willy Haeusler (80). And with good reason: The two Freiburg occur with your Jodelclub in the Arena.

instead of bill

Still, all dolled Up runs around here, no one – in the first place, not the appearance, but the Fun is. Many have in point of fact get hold of even no Ticket for the Arena – and especially because of the fixed operation.

in the Morning, the beer flows in torrents at the end of it is likely to be 230 000 litres, have deleted the thirst of the guests. “We come for the beer,” say Patrick (20), Nicolas (18) and Robin (19) from the Aargau. “It is a wonderful party, with all to by You, and riots, there are no”, they comment. “We are all a bit Bünzlis.”

One of the biggest wrestling Fans in the square is Josef Schulthess (87). He arrived from the Bernese Ober diessbach, and has barely missed a swinging festival.

For the second Time in a couple of lugs of the töffli Association Ennetmoos from Nidwalden. Here the mood is shortly after lunch on the peak. The young men raise their beer bottles in the air and toasting themselves by the fans. On a beautiful swing festival!