The Bitcoin-fraud there are a lot of losers and two winners. Firstly, the fraudsters themselves. Secondly, Facebook.

the cyber book criminal listings, in order to bring your fake web pages under the people.

Almost four million Swiss are on the Social Network active. Without the willing assistance of the Silicon Valley, many of the victims would get the fraudulent web sites never have to face.

Constantly the billion talking serious owners like Mark Zuckerberg of artificial intelligence and smart Algorithms.

But your Computer will remain stupid.

you don’t realize that the fraudster for months, with the same Celebrities (DJ Bobo, Schawinski, Gottschalk), the same Bitcoin Scam. Or is it you don’t care?

Who notice it, are media, such as a VIEW, the daily soothe applied to the reader.

Facebook has posted once to the fight against Fake News on the flag. Now it is the largest of the slingshot. And still deserves it.