It is a black Chapter in the Swiss football history. GC-chaotic force with Pyro throws the match crash in the Tourbillon. After the shame of Sion must not be on the agenda passed. The policy provides for such. Federal councillor Viola Amherd said: “The rioters need to be condemned and out of the stadium banned. Only through consistent Action there will be no such events in the future.” Amherd’s going to convene a round table with all Stakeholders. LOOK at the hot topic in it and explains in a three-part series, the multi-layered Fan-culture. So that no questions remain open.

you love them, you hate them. Some think it’s all she needs. Others find that the fan curve is indispensable. In her culture, there is otherwise nowhere to live. No matter whether Swiss or foreign, whether Bankers or masons, whether a man or a woman: The Mission of all the curve-goers the same: to support the favorite colors. In good times and in bad.

you have to Distinguish between Ultras and Hooligans. For the Ultras of the Sport and the unconditional support of your Association are in the foreground. The Hooligans are looking for, however, the clash with rival groups outside of the stadium – the football game is secondary. However, since Ultra-groupings take more and more riots and skirmishes, it is in Switzerland more and more difficult to distinguish Hooligans, Ultras.

“also Have their appeal because they are forbidden”

“Really classic Hooligans as before, there is less”, explains Ueli Mäder, Scene expert and sociology Professor at the University of Basel. “But there is still a small scene. In which battles on the field against opposing Hooligans more important than the game.”

the Ultras also include the Pyro igniting Fans in the stadiums, such as the GC-anarchists, provoked eleven days ago, in Sion, a game crash. Not only in Switzerland, all over the world every weekend to be ignited in the curves, torches.

where does this fascination for fireworks during football games? Ueli Mäder: “they glow, they are hot. This is a spectacle. The Fans put in scene, demonstrate courage and creativity. In addition, a great deal of attention it brings, you will be perceived. It is a style which has also its attraction, because it is forbidden.” It is a power demonstration. The Fans show: We’re going to burn in spite of prohibition.

Cold Pyros as a solution?

Pyros will find in Switzerland since the 90s the way to the stadiums. Celebrate with torches was acquired from abroad. For many curve-goers they are. For the neutral spectator, and they are often to dangerous.

As an Alternative in the world of so-called cold Pyros are discussed. The are colder and thus less dangerous. “Such could be quite helpful. You have to find a Form that is harmless. Possibly also extra out saved space”, says Mäder.

For die-hard Ultras the cold Pyros but not spectacular. You lights less, they smoke less. You are boring. And probably also not the perfect solution. What is certain is that For most of the Ultras pyro.

VIEW explains the fandom. Part 2 of the series: “the fan curve to work.”