A vegan diet is better for the environment

it is Clear that the vegan diet affects the environment in terms of required land area, energy and water consumption, as well as the emissions of greenhouse gases significantly less, than the production of meat and animal products such as cheese, milk, Butter, etc. to be the case. Likewise, is caused by the complete absence of animal products, no animal suffering.

Whether a vegan diet is healthy or unhealthy, is the menu planning and the nutritional knowledge of the respective Person. As in the case of a conventional diet can be eaten, the vegan diet is too one-sided, rich or poor. Tend to be Vegans but eat more vegetables, fresher, and full quality products.

How healthy is a vegan diet really is?

However, veganism is assessed in the nutrition-physiological aspects critical. By abandoning animal products, the risks for a lack of intake of various nutrients such as Protein, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Calcium, zinc, iron and Omega-3 fatty acids increase. In particular, on the sufficient intake of Vitamin B12 must be taken as this is usually included only in animal products.

With the exception of Vitamin B12, which has to be supplied by fortified foods or supplements are added, but it is possible to eat a vegan diet need to be opaque, well-balanced and healthy. Essential, however, to know a huge Diet. When used correctly, a vegan diet can lead to good health outcomes.

Because such a diet is not knowledge in the General population is sufficient, must be apart because of a General recommendation of the vegan diet for large sections of the population.

what is needed in a vegan diet caution?

should Pregnant women be advised against a vegan diet, Breastfeeding, infants, children, adolescents and older persons, because you have an elevated need for certain nutrients. A is not required to cover nutrition in these phases of life can have a negative impact on health as well as the development of an unborn child and growing children.

What veganism is?

In a vegan diet be avoided all animal products, including eggs, milk and derived products as well as honey. This diet is of nature to sustainable and brings no animal suffering.

This non-vegan additives it is necessary to know

Whether a vegan diet is healthy or unhealthy, strong, from the menu planning and the nutritional knowledge of the respective Person. But how do you identify vegan products?

13 facts about vegan diet

What is veganism, what Vegans eat, what Celebrities go vegan, what you wear and how do you like vegan food? What foods are now vegan. We have collected for you the 13 points you should know about the diet trend.


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