A tourist from the suburbs will go on trial for the murder of a friend

SK across Krasnodar territory has finished investigation of the criminal case against 26-year-old girl who is accused of killing his friend and stealing. The investigators found that the suspect arrived in Sochi from the Moscow region. Here she lived in a rented house in the village of Dagomys.

According to preliminary information, in April of 2019, she met 33-year-old man from the city of Armavir. He came to her home where they drank alcoholic beverages, and then among acquaintances there was a conflict on household soil. The result of an argument, the girl slapped a guest with a knife in his chest. From the received wounds the man died. Thereafter, the defendant took the victim’s tablet and fled the scene.

the Girl was detained while trying to leave the country. In the period of investigation she was taken into custody, where he remains to this day. Investigators have collected sufficient evidentiary base, and now criminal case is directed for consideration to court, “Vesti Sochi” with reference to the press service of the RF IC for the Krasnodar territory.

Text: state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”