perhaps The most astonishing feature of the socialism is its Persistency. The Thinking of the Nazis was after the Second world war, although a minority program. Really it disappeared but never.

In Germany and not in Switzerland.

In the summer of 1946 – a year after the fall of the third Reich – was in the graubünden Davos openly against Jews rushed. The hatred was directed expressly against Survivors of the Holocaust.

An auxiliary plant had young people who had been rescued from the Buchenwald concentration camp, a stay at the Spa in Davos. In contrast, representatives of the hotel industry storm ran. In “Davoser Zeitung” right, an anonymous author produced by reader’s letter, “the defence against Jewish Domination in the Form of anti-Semitic attitude”.

In a further reader’s letter it was said: “If a group of people, which Makes aiming at, considerate and uninhibited and only to their own advantage, behaves being and a different species in the human society, pushes on the resistance. The solution of the Jewish problem lies, therefore, in the case of the Jews themselves.”

in 1949, the Canton of Vaud, Gaston-Armand Amaudruz in question was in a book of the Holocaust.

In the Fifties, Sixties and seventies were lubricated in the German part of Switzerland swastikas and SS-runes on the walls and Jewish tombs.

On the 15. In March 1979, were committed by right-wing extremists in a bomb attack on a Zurich synagogue.

In the eighties Nazi bat made the resources of the country unsafe. In the heart of Switzerland, an offshoot of the Ku Klux Klan was formed.

the end of the Eighties beginning of the nineties, committed Nazis, a country-wide attacks on refugee accommodation. In 1990, there were 27 attacks, in 1991 there were 77, 1992 42.

In an attack on a home in Chur died on the night of 2. In July 1989, four asylum-seekers from Sri Lanka, two men and two boys.

no, the Nazis have never given rest. They were always a threat: for individual minorities, and for the internal peace in the whole country.

What is new today are the technical possibilities. Thanks to Social Media people together whose paths would not have crossed otherwise. These people encourage each other in their attitude and potentiate in this way, the rights of danger.

In the current issue of the SonntagsBlick Reporter Fabian Eberhard traces forming a group of in Detail: from the first virtual encounter on Facebook about the common spiders of fantasies of Violence, up to and including planning
concrete deeds.

To the knowledge of this Research, in particular, the news service of the Federation should take. There, one is of the opinion that right-no danger.
So it is in the annual report in 2018.

This is already a constant in dealing with the Nazis: public authorities and policy have taken this threat in General, lightly.

in 1989, in Chur, four people were murdered – condemned to a Federal Council of the atrocity? The graubünden cantonal government said?

they all said: nothing. Instead, the Swiss government came two days after the attack in front of the media. They protested against a planned asylum accommodation of the Federal government in the Surselva Region.