According to a survey of Ranepa revealed that 35% of employees of Russian companies said to reduce the quality of the organization of work in the transition to the "udalenku". About improving said only 6% of respondents. The results of the study quoted by the newspaper "Izvestia".

Thus, respondents, in particular, pointed to difficulties with concentration (31%), loss of access to internal documents and databases (33%). In this case complained of difficulty in communicating with colleagues and clients 30% of respondents.

44% of survey participants reported that they began to work longer. However, 28% saw no difference in graphics. The other 24% said that they began to work less.

In turn, 10% of respondents said they want to telecommute in the future. At the same time 55% were in favor of partial “udalenka”. In addition, 33% said that want to return to the office.