The attacks of the Azeris on Armenians on Russian territory are including an attempt to destabilize the situation in Russia. The explanation they found the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinian, reports “Interfax”.

“the anti-Armenian attacks living in Russia, Azeris are not simply an expression of anti-Armenian rhetoric of the Azerbaijani leadership, but also attempt to make it the scene of ethnic clashes,” he said.

According to Pashinian, in destabilizing the situation in Russia is primarily interested in “third force anti-Armenian aspirations in the South Caucasus”. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the Russian authorities have all the necessary tools and possibilities to prevent such a development.

Earlier on Saturday, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbul oglu called on the citizens to comply with Russian laws and regulations amid emerging reports of fights between Armenians and Azerbaijanis in Moscow. In particular, it became known that the police together with soldiers of Regardie detained more than 25 participants of mass fights.

According to Vice-President of the Union of Azerbaijanis of Russia Elanor Huseynov, Armenians first attacked the watermelon tent. In turn, the representative of the Union of Armenians of Russia, David Tonoyan said that attacks by Azerbaijanis on Armenians in Moscow happen over the last ten days.

History of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

The armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan escalated on July 12 — the day the fighting started at the border of the two countries.