A terrifying ordeal of corrupt officials: trump continues to chastise Democrats

President of the United States, Donald trump told us how he handled the impeachment proceedings. The American leader called the incident “serious and horrific ordeal”, which was initiated by dishonest and corrupt people. The corresponding statement trump made, speaking at a prayer Breakfast.

According to the President, “dishonest people” did everything to divide. Trump noted that in this way they inflicted severe wounds to the American people. The US leader stressed that the Democrats were aware of the injustice of their cause, but think yourself above “great country”.

Donald trump praised of Republican politicians for courage and wisdom as they yesterday, as a few weeks ago, did what everyone thinks is right. The US President noted that during the impeachment process hurt a lot of people, because they can’t afford the continuation of this, informs “Interfax”.

Earlier it was reported that us senators acquitted trump of all charges in the framework of the impeachment hearings. The majority of votes rejected as an abuse of power and obstruction of investigation, which conducted the Congress. Vs American President voted in only one Republican — MITT Romney.

the impeachment Procedure was initiated by the Democrats on 24 September 2019. The reason for this was a telephone conversation trump with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Allegedly the U.S. leader had asked Ukrainian counterpart to start an investigation against Joe Biden and his son. In addition, do not rule out intervention in the American elections from the territory of Ukraine.