A terrible accident on the Petersburg highway: car ripped in half

a Terrible accident on the Petersburg highway occurred in the first half of the day. Near the turn of the Vitebsk prospect foreign car crashed into a pole. Blow was such force that the car body is ripped in half. Surprisingly, the woman behind the wheel of a crossover vehicle received injuries of moderate severity.

According to preliminary data, the woman-the driver has driven on bordjurnyj a stone. Instantly the car became uncontrollable, besides it was the lighting support. In the end, the body of a car ripped in half and the driver, according to witnesses, was thrown out of the cabin. It would seem that the chances of survival for women remained, however, the victim is diagnosed with injuries of moderate severity. Otherwise, it was a miracle that this accident did not call, transmit “Vesti Saint-Petersburg”.

Along with the paramedics to the scene of the accident traveled and special equipment emergency, it was necessary to wash the roadway of the spilled fuel.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”