A suspect in the murder of a friend, was detained in Moscow

Photos: Moscow 24/Alexander Avilov

Moscow police have detained a man suspected of killing his friend, said senior assistant head of a capital Central Board of the investigatory Committee of Russia Yulia Ivanova.

it is Noted that the headless body of a man was found at a construction site on highway of Enthusiasts. It was also recorded multiple chopped and stab wounds.

“On suspicion of committing a crime arrested an acquaintance of the victim. During the interrogation, the defendant explained that during drinking of spirits between him and the victim had a conflict”, – quotes Agency “Moscow” were her words.

Ivanov said that in the near future in respect of the detainee to be remanded.

Earlier it was reported that in center of Moscow detained three men for raping women. The incident occurred at a residential building on Trinity street. Three men approached the 41-year-old Muscovite at the supermarket and dragged him into the basement where made concerning it dissolute actions.

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