The US presidential election will definitely be remembered. One reason will be the age of the candidates: Joe Biden, and Donald Trump already well over 70 years, and whoever from them was the head of state, he has all chances to set a record as the oldest acting President. Given such a venerable age, to the fore involuntarily leaves the subject of health candidates. And if the physical condition of Joe Biden for a long time causes big issues, until recently health trump was considered very good. However, after the incident in West point many wondered: is it all right with the American leader?

Donald trump last week participated in an official event at the us military Academy at West point. The U.S. President spent hours, but has attracted public attention only a few seconds. When trump was coming down the stairs, he suddenly sped up, and in the end literally ran.

Maybe it wouldn’t have drawn so much attention if immediately after the incident, some media began to speculate what happened with the President.

Diagnoses were the most fantastic benefit, you can assume anything you want. However, these publications have seriously hurt the American leader, and he sharply criticized the journalists, stating that his health was all right.

“the ladder by which I descended after a speech at West point was very long and steep, it had no railing, and most important, was very slippery. The last thing I want to do is to fall for the amusement of fake news. The last ten feet I ran. The pulse!” – wrote President in his Twitter account.

This entry drew even more media attention, which began to carry out a serious investigation of what caused such behavior trump.

Many have noted that next to the President was one of the leaders of the Academy, and he did not consider the ramp “long and steep”, and even more slippery. Media attention was also attracted by the fact that the President of the United States at the reception, drank water, holding the bottle with two hands. Some experts suspected the President Parkinson’s disease.

these suspicions Donald trump said in an interview with journalist Michael Bender of the Wall Street Journal.

the US President noted that he has many years of wearing leather boots that were slipping on some surfaces. He even invited the journalist to touch these shoes, but Michael Bender refused.

it has Not been the conversation and the topic of health Joe Biden, the main enemy of the trump in the election of 2020. The President stressed that the opponent is older than him by four years. At the same time, he noted the crucial role played by the age and physical condition.

“I know people who are much older than me. And they��same active as in 25 years. I know a man who is 92 years old, he is 100% active,” said trump.

the Topic of health Joe Biden really unwittingly became one of the main themes in the coverage of his campaign. Ex-Vice-President very often makes strange reservations, confuses the names of the States, can’t remember the name of Barack Obama, and even once confused his wife with her sister.

it all Looks, to put it mildly, alarmist. A rumor has long existed an assumption that Joe Biden is suffering from dementia, and each of his absurd disclaimer is perceived disturbing.

the Theme of the health of the candidates always gets special attention to the US presidential election. Usually, the one who can seem to the public a stronger and more energetic, and wins the election. Therefore, the nickname “Sleepy Joe”, as trump has dubbed his opponent, is a good political move.

this year on the health of presidential candidates will be paid special attention, due to their age. If we can prove the existence of a diagnosis, then it may very well change the landscape for elections.

in addition, the greater weight in such situations, becoming Vice-President. Now it’s not just the main helpers of leaders and their potential replacements, if things go really bad. Vice President trump will be relatively young and energetic Mike Pence, but mate Joe Biden to be determined. However, it is now clear that that person is a woman. This choice may very much depend on the election – no wonder the presidents of the United States shall be elected in pairs.