People’s artist of Russia Ekaterina Zhemchuzhnaya, remembered by the audiences for his roles in the TV series “Carmelita” and “Queen Margot” was urgently hospitalized in one of the capital’s hospitals, according to the Telegram-channel Mash.

It is noted that the actress felt a strong malaise, while in his Moscow flat at the Pearly drastically increased blood pressure, was dizzy and strong headache. Close actress called her an ambulance. Arrived on-call doctors have decided to take the woman to hospital, where she will conduct a thorough diagnosis.

Catherine Pearl 76 years. She still works in the musical-drama theatre “Romen”. The first broad fame came to her after performing the role Zorici in the film “Eternal call”. Pearl also appeared in a cameo role in the film “Carnival”.

Earlier, as reported by “Rambler”, one of the main roles in the TV series “Carmelita” Maxim Shchegolev told why he broke up with the main star of the movie Yulia Zimina. According to the artist, his lover was a very complex character.