the games During the last two days of the photo League, clinched KVM-Esports in the final of the play-offticket the way for the people of Brussels, Guardians, and Aethra Esports. In Sector One, remained for a long time and was just like that for a moment, a record for the shortest match.

Unlike the first time took the Industry, One at at time-out Esports. Time-out and threw his usual style at all, and chose Warwick in the jungle, and Zilean-support for a more aggressive texture. That didn’t go quite according to plan, because it was in Sector One, that’s what the lead was. Sector One was due to a glansprestatie by French standards, Practices Türgüt on Ezreal and martin ‘the Phoenix’ By anthony van Dyck on Mordekaiser. Miracle,

The race between KVM-Esports and Brussels Guardians, was a very important point for the play-offs. KVM-Esports had the Ornn of gift and put in the Dreamzyy on Syndra, while Brussels Guardians as well as the Pantheon in Midlane had a Mordekaiser against the Ornn is in the Toplane. It was long, however, eventually forced the KVM Esports are still some solid fights around the Objectives, and they took the lead. There wasn’t any damage to the side of Brussels Guardians for them if you want to stop and pick up the Elder Dragon, and Baron Nashor explains, KVM, Esports have their base in the ruins. This miracle was no one, two weeks ago, dared to dream of.
the Record

Industry-One came out of the Draft, and saw this Practice again, and the Ezreal inlocken, while ” Night of the Qiyana was allowed to play. It all went quickly wrong for Aethra Esports as Dibu a successful Gank and managed to be in the Botlane. From there it was on the edge of Sector One, only bigger, and with a very strong French standards, Practices Türgür. Finally finished the game after 17 (!) a new all-time record in the Belgian League.

RSCA Esports

Brussels, Guardians was the fifth rise in as it won’t RSCA Esports. Again, they were Ornn, open, happy it was picked up by the RSCA Esports, and to install them in a Senna-Tahm Kench-Botlane with an Evening visit to Midlane. However, it was Brussels and the Characters that are dominant for the day and came up with a very sloppy match, filled with smaller battles. After having a big lead off a building and fought against Brussels Guardians as well as with the success of the Illusion, so that they could still make a victory out of the fire by dragging it. So end up, they will still be in third place. RSCA Esports was already assured of a play-off with the third place.