A sleep told me how to Wake up

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the neurologist of the sleep Elena tsaryova told the Moscow 24 how to Wake up, to feel good all day.

According to her, it was easier to get up in the morning, it is better to create an atmosphere of artificial dawn.

“If we are talking about a healthy person, for example the inhabitants of the metropolis, who have to get up early for work, and it’s still dark outside, then it is possible to secure a morning, simulating dawn. It can be viewing from your phone or from your computer screen, that is all that falls on the retina and shines either white or blue light in absence of natural daylight, welcome,” – said the sleep.

the Most technologically advanced alarms are also able to simulate the dawn, that is, begin to emit light. There are even linen, which begins to glow at the right time. For those who are hard up and constantly switches the clock, there are flying alarm clocks or those which coffee is brewed.
Elena Carefabric neurologist of the sleep

in addition, according to the source, Moscow 24, helps to get up earlier than the regular Breakfast in the morning.

“Not only coffee but any other ritual that you repeat in the morning, preferably immediately after waking up at the same time, will help to Wake up. Also help to stand up before physical activity and sports to five in the afternoon. If you have a sport after five in the evening, it shifts the biorhythms at a later time,” concluded Tsarev.

to Wake up, you need to have a reason to rejoice in a new day because of depression, emotional burnout with the awakening can be a problem.
Elena Carefabric neurologist of the sleep

And for a proper sleep the sleep advised to lie in bed in the supine position or on its side. However, those who have problems with breathing, particularly snoring, sleep on back may cause shortage of oxygen. Pose “belly”, according to experts, is the most negative from the point of view of influence on the Wjeludochno tract. In addition, to fall asleep quickly, doctors advise for the night to overeat and go to bed hungry, and you should also limit caffeine products and alcohol consumption.

Earlier, Australian researchers found that people quick to Wake up and feel alive help not loud and shrill alarm sounds, and melodic. Observations have shown that the volume, duration, waveform and other parameters practically does not influence on the quality of awakening.

According to the researchers, unnatural and sharp signals emitted by alarm clocks violate the normal functioning of the brain in the moment you Wake up, which adversely affects the health of the person. And those who Wake up to the melodious alarm clocks, feel morning drowsiness and less. The scientists also found that the various signals, the less pronounced was the sleepy state of the person.

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