at the end of December 2018 Helene Fischer (34) and Florian silver iron (37) announced their separation. The singer presented the world the new man at your side, the air acrobats Thomas lateral (34). Silver iron lost is not a bad word about his Ex-partner, wish her and her new love “good luck” and stressed what a “great guy” Thomas.

In the magazine “Closer” tells now Florian silver iron uncle George silver iron (65), how the family experienced the separation of the former dream couple – and how the singer now. In short: Top! “Thriving is doing very well,” said uncle George.

“life goes on”

Because professionally it is Florian silver iron. “He told me that he is looking forward to his new Job as the “dream ship”captain”, said the uncle. The shooting will start in April. The impact with Florian as the captain of the ship will be Christmas in the ZDF.

But privately, he seems to be well with the separation from his former great love. “With Helene it was not his first and not his last relationship”, analyzes Georg silver iron sober. “He had before with other Girlfriends.” Nevertheless, be it so, that usually a third Person in the game, when a relationship end. “It is always difficult (…). But life goes on.”

Florian “is and has to cope with this separation now”

the conclusion came as a Surprise to the stroke of the family anyway. “The separation of the two came out of the blue, we knew nothing about it.” But Floris’s uncle, is sure: “If a door closes in life, another – and perhaps this was now the right time.” His nephew, “and this separation must cope with now.”

He was proud of how well Florian copes with everything. “Before that, I don’t take my hat, so what is not so easy.” (paf)