“We regret that the measure” – as the First cases in Hamburg: supermarkets deny children the access – this is the justification for

My wife and kids is nurse. I’m a sports journalist. We both work in the system of the relevant Professions and participated today for the first Time the childcare service. After that, met me at the shopping of the shock.

As I had picked up my two children, aged eight and four years from Kindergarten and from school, we were stopped at the shop in front of the supermarket. A nice woman explained to me that we would have to wait, because she had to say something.

I thought for a moment and thought, it is the usual procedure, that only a certain number of people in the supermarket may. The other must wait outside. Of due to. She asked me if I have to take my children into the shop.

For a moment I was slightly irritated

If perhaps another Person near to my son and take care of my daughter. I said no, because my wife has late shift and has to work in the children’s hospital. I replied that I have at the Moment no other possibility.

For a small moment, I was irritated easily. Should I have my children around like a dog in front of the supermarket are? I would have to drive home? In this Moment both of these Considerations were, however, not an Option.

I explained to the nice lady from the supermarket, next to a black-clad Security staff member, that it is different and I have to take the children into it. After a brief Hesitation she let us pass.

of Course, I would have had to inform me, rather, that many of the super markets this is a procedure to practice what is not in principle wrong with that, in order to protect the old and weak people. Next Time, I know, but this is a purchase I need to first leave shortly to sink in. Sports news of the future: Klinsmann is coach in Bremen, Germany FOCUS Online sports news of the future: Klinsmann is coach in Bremen, Germany