It was Saturday, a fire broke out in Intersoc hotel in Zinal, where every year, thousands of fellow americans on a holiday. The Swiss police won’t be the cause.

The property, which at this time is normally filled with the Flemings, is, by the way, coronacrisis, as well as the low. There is a concierge service is available. There were no injuries, but the damage is huge, ” says Stève Light of the police investigation.

as for The Flemish, Miss Dubois, Of the Wilder’s lived 25 years in Switzerland. “When we went to the Saturday afternoon on the hill came to a sudden we saw smoke, and high flames. It is a roof that is entirely made from wood, is burned to the ground. The damage is very high,” she says.

since 1949, and the npma Intersoc healthy bergluchtvakanties for the members of the Christian mutual Health insurance fund. Zinal, Switzerland, is one of the places. It is located at 1670 m altitude, at the end of the Val d’anniviers, Switzerland. A perfect destination for active families and mountain, what it sounds like.

for More about Switzerland, Do you have a skiing holiday is not expensive: please note that these policies and procedures in our partner countries, the Swiss vote by a clear majority for the principle of non-discrimination because of sexual orientation of the Ceo of Credit Suisse, will resign after a power struggle, and spionageschandaal, Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world, Belgium is also in the top 20