you would have lost the fight against themselves almost: female bodybuilder Samira bear (25) grabs to LOOK on the dark side of their sport, which they brought up with a strong eating disorder, and depression in a clinic.

it all Started quite harmless – as a Hobby, “passion,” as Baer says. The Sensitivity to trained three times a week, resulting in four-, later five – and six but soon. “I needed more and more, I love the feeling, to go beyond my limits and finally, the Bodybuilding were competitions an optimum goal, to prove something to myself,” she says. In addition, the topic of nutrition has become increasingly important. The consequences of this: “My self-esteem began more and more to the Bodybuilding Lifestyle. At once I could not decide rationally, but subordinated everything to the Sport and the food. I was temporarily controlled as foreign.”

she took in a matter of days 20 pounds

A vicious circle that brought her body quickly to the limit of its capacity. Bear gave the Job 100 per cent, then in the Training, even 120 percent. “I also paid attention to the smallest Detail meticulously to the diet, made several diets.” You got banned very much, to finally get the necessary to build muscles and to maintain the lowest possible fat percentage. “The aim was to get the best possible sporty Version out of me.” But the Hunger and constant Overtraining eventually led to sleep disturbances. And something the Athlete has made to create more and more: she suffered – particularly at night – eating attacks, as she calls it.

“You have to think of it, that one completely loses control, you’re high, can’t stop eating.” You’ve crammed into these moments then everything is purely what you just had in the house, chocolate, biscuits, ice Cream and Pizza and often all together. In this way, you have tried to conceal their dissatisfaction. Sometimes they have not eaten for days easy, and trying all at the same time, to compensate for excessive sports units. The result: The Sensitivity increased so after the competitions within the space of a few days 20 pounds – and later. A big stress for the body.

Everything crashed like a house of cards in

lived for Five years, bear this extreme way of life, began to isolate you more and more. “I took my own meals anywhere and avoided social occasions more often, there is always food to face.” With time, your unhealthy life style demanded a high tribute: their performance declined everywhere rapid, in the office, at sports, at all in everyday life. “A Domino game: This is a wobble, then the next, until everything is like a house of cards collapses.”

at the beginning of 2018 nothing more then went. Samira bear suffered a breakdown, was on sick leave. A doctor diagnosed with the eating disorder and severe depression, for whose healing you in a clinic and in the Department of psychosomatics and eating disorders has been treated. Six months you spent in rehab, where I learned, among other things, to maintain a normal relationship to food and to not condemn themselves to always be so blatant to treat themselves from time to time, without a bad Conscience.

you want to now a Personal trainer

Today, it is your significantly better, Samira bear, but it is still in outpatient therapy. The Sport she wanted in spite of what had happened, not to give up. “Is and remains my passion,” she says. You haven’t but obtained a different, healthier relationship to the Whole, to be so strict. “I learned to be myself again appreciate, you can again make your own and sensible decisions. And I began, with my body to accept and feel it.”

Samira Baer now wants to take her dream job as a Personal trainer in order to be able to help others, and to act as a role model. Say: your Knowledge, along with the Experienced of the Fitness Community. “But I have to take it slow, to be able to all continue to keep an eye on, and my workload only with time continuously increase.” The Whole have had more drastic consequences than first thought, says the muscular woman. “But: Never give up. This Motto has saved me in my darkest days.” (wyt)

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