It happened on a foggy day: Claudia Schäpper (47) had bought the day before her first own car. On that Morning, her friend accompanied her to the vehicle. “He asked me whether I really want to travel alone – as if he had a premonition,” she says in an interview with LOOK.

In the case of your accident, the trained dental assistant was in her early twenties. Schäpper recalls: “I remember that I screwed on the Radio around, and the roadway was slightly wet. Suddenly, something jumped in front of me on the road. I was terrified, tore at the wheel and went into a Spin.” The car drove at 80 kilometres per hour into a tree.

“The firemen had to pull me out of the vehicle. When I regained consciousness, I was on the x-ray table.” For Schäpper the time felt like an eternity. Effectively, but there were only a few hours.

The 47-Year-old describes what she experienced in this time: “right after the impact, it threw me out of my body. The First thing I remember is this incredible amazement, that I could suddenly see from the top.” She noticed a “very bright light”, gave you a feeling of Home and welcome. “I felt a peace that is hard to put into words. The light attracted me magically.”

Return or release?

“I knew suddenly, that I exist outside of my body. I realized that my consciousness is not bound to my body, because I saw myself from above in the vehicle,” says Schäpper more. This knowledge is for the today 47-Year-old the most Incredible experience. Then she took a light form of the true to speak with the help of which you started. “You presented me with the decision to return or to let go. I decided clear for the Back.” After that, she had been pulled back into their physical body.

The confrontation with her near-death experience, had to put back the injured for the time being. Because after the accident, it was primarily to Survive and to cope with their pain. “It was an incredible physical battle. Before the accident, I was an athletic, young woman. After that, I was a completely different person. I was tired and exhausted, lived with enormous pain.” Schäpper could no longer pursue her former Job as a dental assistant, has been temporarily to the IV-a case. The healing process dragged on for years.

The need, the near-death experience to arrange, somehow, came for Schäpper later. She began to read books on the subject – driven understand the desire to what is behind the experience. “My family and I have never talked about it. You have no awareness of such a thing was absolutely present.”

ndes, such as Schäpper you experienced, describe Affected of different cultures – similar in connection with a warm light that gave them a feeling of love and peace. They also report how you broke away from your body, in a Tunnel have been withdrawn or deceased relatives, met.

Although the scientific world is divided, can explain the science of such phenomena approximately. Researchers at the University of Michigan have carried out a rat. They studied their brain activity in the awake state, under General anesthesia and after cardiac arrest.

In the first 30 seconds after cardiac arrest, the animals showed strong brain waves, as if this would be awake and stimulated. These waves even exceeded the values in the awake state. This means that the brain in the early stage of clinical death is certainly to the electrical activity, which could possibly trigger a near-death experience.

studies on humans is not possible

Not only in the case of dying patients it could come to such experiences, explains Dr. med. Lukas Imbach (41), a senior physician at the clinic for neurology of the University hospital of Zurich, opposite VIEWS. “It is known that also in the case of fainting, a tunnel seizures because of the lack of blood supply to the brain, for example, may occur view.” It was a short malfunction of an otherwise functioning brain.

What happened to Schäpper, could be related, according to Imbach with a blood supply of the brain together. “If the brain is not, or is insufficiently supplied with blood, occur such phenomena more frequently, because the brain is not supplied in this Phase, with sufficient oxygen.” These phenomena were played but only in the brain. With the body of the Person experience happens during a near-death nothing.

We can suture patients while driving or not using scientific methods to investigate, says Imbach. “However, animal experiments, for example, in mice, have shown that, in particular shortly before the Occurrence of brain death, a high level of brain activity is detectable. Thus, it is quite possible that ndes are a very normal reaction of a dying brain.”

Through adversity stronger

become “looking back, I see how much me, the Whole thing changed and more has made,” says Schäpper, the left as a Coach and a facilitator, to retrain. In her own practice, she supports people to develop a healthy relationship with yourself and to deal with problems. “If I could make it through anything, can my clients learn, relationship problems, blockages and feelings, are not able to deal with, to overcome and to grow.”