mommy, lueg, the table extra for Chind! Please, please, or read I get so ice cream?” What works for the children’s chocolate from Ferrero for decades, should also increase elsewhere in the sales: take any product and make it so that children believe they have to have it.

This also makes use of in the cosmetics industry. With names like “space Star”, “Clouds cast”, and “Naughty gnomes”, with bright colors, unicorns and pirates, more and more shower products and Shampoos, urging “especially for children” in the sale shelves. In addition, there are products aimed at girls, and such, to appeal to boys. But specifically, the presentation is only. The ingredients are largely the same as with regular products.

Three Times as expensive as necessary

“Basically, children need no other shower gel or shampoo as adults. Only in the case of children under one year, you should make sure that the care products contain, if possible, no alcohol, dyes, fragrances and preservatives,” says Anna Barbara Schlueer, care expert APN for skin and wound care at the Zurich children’s hospital. It is crucial that you wash the soap well.

The funds are not just standing around in addition, in the bathroom, they are usually also more expensive than normal shower gel. The shower gel “Seeprinzessin” from Kneipp, for example, costs around three times as much as “Fresh, Pure” from Nivea. Who wants to buy it for the sake of peace Kiddy products, you should at least dispense shower gel with glitter particles. Glitter is chemically safe, it can irritate the skin mechanically.

This article was taken from the magazine “observer”. More exciting articles, see