A resident of Magadan decided to defend the right to silence with a knife

a Resident of Magadan decided to deal with violators of the silence at the beginning of the fourth morning without the help of police. The man came to a noisy company, taking with him the knife. The conflict occurred in the yard of one of houses of the city. Surveillance camera recorded the disassembly.

Now the Investigative Committee in the region will investigate at once two criminal cases. One of them is in fact causing a little harm to health, the second – a heavy, reports GTRK “Magadan”.

“One of the tenants at Marcelinska the street, being dissatisfied with the actions of the troublemakers, descended to the courtyard one by one and wounded two people with a knife. Health one of the men had suffered heavy damage and the other easy,” says senior assistant head of the investigative Committee of the Magadan region Andrey Makarov.

At the moment, started a comprehensive inspection aimed at establishing all details of the crime. The investigation will further study the actions of the victims and the suspect.

Text: GTRK “Magadan”