A report from the Diamond Princess: dentist from Omsk disappointed in the Japanese

a dentist from Omsk Sergey Popov aboard Diamond Princess, in a live program “60 minutes” criticized anti-epidemic measures taken by Japan on Board the quarantine ship. According to him, the Japanese do not even understand how to carry out such activities.

“Every day it’s getting more and more sick, so the source of infection is not identified and he is on the ship,” — said Sergei Popov. While in Omsk the doctor noted, does not consider it necessary to hide in the cabin.

Officially, the quarantine on the “Diamond Princess” ended on February 19. The liner has left nearly 500 passengers, including two Russians. But about 3 thousand people still on Board.

it Became known that the two contracted the coronavirus has died: an 84-year-old woman and 87-year-old man. This is the first fatal cases among the passengers of the ship.

on 18 February it was reported that the coronavirus was diagnosed in the Russians, are on Board the ship. He was hospitalized in a specialized clinic of Aichi Prefecture. His wife also was hospitalized.

an Outbreak of coronavirus COVID-2019 began in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of December 2019. As of February 20, total fixed 2118 deaths from infection, just sick over 74.5 thousand.