A real special operation: how the Russians evacuated from Wuhan

To Tianhe airport those who decided to return to Russia, I had to get about ten hours — much time was spent on testing at various checkpoints. Quarantine in Hubei province have further strengthened — began handing out food stamps and food rations, to further limit any movement.

“Hello, dear compatriots! We move in already at the airport and will soon be back in Russia. We are alive and well, hurrah!” turned evacuated Alexey Augusco.

the Last hours in a closed quarantine infected Wuhan, whose deserted streets now left for the bus Windows. “Drove up to our yard on a passenger bus, a large, very comfortable. We Packed his things. The driver was wearing a mask, gloves,” — said the Russian woman Victoria Moravcova.

they had a few days to pack and to think — to stay or not. 132 people decided: it is better in Russia. Russian Angelica Oorzhak shared: “a Little sad, of course. We hope that soon all will be well.”

On the way to Tianhe airport takes almost ten hours on each checkpoint measure the temperature. As the diplomat said, this is a real special operation, because take out the Russians not only from Wuhan but from all remote corners of the infected Hubei province.

“it’s virtually martial law, that is, all closed, closed. Early this morning we received the final written permission to fly our aircraft. Believe me, it is a difficult process,” — commented the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to China Andrey Denisov.

After the first military-transport Il will be four more. The crew and medics in the air wearing costumes biochimica. Those whom they take out from the source of contamination, healthy, but arrival they still quarantine.

of those cities that are not formally closed, but no flights out have their own. Marina Rubina Packed to get from Hefei to Shanghai. After Chinese business due to the epidemic stood up, her own too. The woman said:

— Here, collect the required set of traveler at the moment. Yesterday went to the store to find the mask, some sanitizer, wet wipes. The streets are very few people, but no panic it is not observed.

In Wuhan panic either. The city brought 350 tons of commodities. Some of the locals just in case I decided to isolate themselves.

At the close quarantine and Zhejiang. To go out in Wenzhou are permitted once in two days, and coupons, as well as rapid as today, the dynamics of infection was not since the beginning of the epidemic. Just a day 2019 coronavirus-nCoV found more than three thousand people. Now they are twenty and a half thousand. Also, incidents of death, one of them already in Hong Kong.

Chemicals poured public transport, entrances of residential buildings. For disinfection use even drones. Even with their help, telling them which sat in the apartments of the last news, so that they do not feel lonely.

“Use the drone to communicate with the residents helps to avoid close contact. This innovative method, and people perceive it well,” he told the police officer Zhang Chuanwei.

to minimize contact and risk of infection, robots in hospitals, delivered to the chambers of meals and medications, even determine the dose for each patient. One of the patients showed how to look chamber of the special clinics Hasanien, which was built in just ten days.

the Language does not turn called the hospital time, like this field hospital timebernaty within the huge Expo centre. Hospital for the thousands of hastily erected now almost all Chinese cities. This was built in Shenyang.

To combat the epidemic, the Chinese authorities allocate almost seven billion dollars, but also ready to accept foreign aid. Russia already offered.