the Movie “Cruel intentions”, released in 1999, became one of the iconic paintings of the youth of that time and at the same time radically differed from them. It was not a lighthearted romantic Comedy like “American pie”, but really disturbing psychological drama, where the words “blood” and “love” quite a rhyme. br>
I Remember the film and its casting — is played by young, but already gaining popularity actors, among whom were Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar (she has already had popular TV series “Buffy”), Selma Blair and Ryan Phillippe. Today we offer you to watch this film and learn some interesting facts about the creation of paintings Roger Kambla.

Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon

Plot of eighteenth century

Scenes like many claim — there is only a limited number, and they are mixed and interpreted in new ways.

And the story of the French epistolary novel “Dangerous liaisons”, first published in 1782, is clearly can be attributed to the stories that excite people of different ages.

it is Noteworthy that the book is the only major artwork of the French General, inventor and writer Choderlos de Laclos, but that single time was enough to crazy success — work as one of the best and most widely read French novels.

the plot is built around jealousy, envy, intrigue and love, is fascinating so far: by such a burning mix of emotions hard to beat in any century.

In the original novel it is about the intrigue, started by the Marquise de Merten, to avenge a former lover, count de Iercury, which is now going to marry the young cécile. The Marquis asks his friend, the famous heartthrob of the Vicomte de Valmont, to seduce her and thus discredit her in front of the count.

illustration from the edition of 1796

the dispute with the Marquise Valmont agrees to seduce an innocent girl, but he falls in love with Madame de Tourvel, which throws out the word Marquise. Soon, he will die in a duel with the young DANCENY falls in love with Cecile. But also treacherous Marquis catches up with Kara from the smallpox she loses her beauty and becomes an outcast in society. In short, evil has been vanquished and punished.

in the twentieth century novel, filmed several times — the film Kamble became the fifth film adaptation. His version of the audience by that time already shown such renowned Directors as Milos Forman and Roger Vadim, a film by Stephen Frears in 1988 with John Malkovich, Uma Thurman, Keanu Reeves and Glenn close and even won three Oscars.

Glenn close and Uma Thurman. Still from the film “Dangerous liaisons”, 1988

But inspired Kembl not them, and a black Comedy about teenagers “Welcome to the Dollhouse” Todd Solenza, which was released in 1995. Kamble came up with the idea to relocate the story of the French novel from the world of adults in school and to make their heroes teenagers.

“School” version of the story and the casting

Gambl decided to modernize the story and replaced the counts and the Marquis on the “Golden youth” of new York. The main characters had become Sebastian Valmont and his stepsister Kathryn Merten. First fun seducing the girls, describing his adventures in a personal journal, Katherine — affair.

At some point, the cynical couple (and the sexual tension between them is there and some more) makes a wager Sebastian must seduce the principal’s daughter, Annette, who also has declared that till marriage to sleep with anyone will not. If he wins, then he’ll be given more and stepsister, but if you lose, you have to give your sister the Jaguar.

the Script Cambl wrote for 12 days — once on stage the Century City Playhouse in Los Angeles was played last performance in his play, D Girl (played by the star of the show “Friends” David Schwimmer), he went to Mexico and went to work. Since the play was a success, it was the best time to start a new project — production was his directorial debut.

When everything was ready, the lead actors — Ryan Phillippe and Sarah Michelle Geller found pretty quickly. Brought them to producer Neal Moritz, who worked with the actors on the movie “I know what you did last summer”. But with the role Annette came a hitch.

Studio Columbia Pictures insisted on the candidacy of Katie Holmes, but the Director doubted the film it seemed to him that she did not have the strength of character to turn a difficult way. As usual, the case decided the case. Philip, who was already approved for the role of Sebastian, offered to try on the role of his girlfriend, Reese Witherspoon.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe

All three went for lunch, and in the end Kambi literally on my knees begging Reese to join the team.

We were going to get her drunk so she agreed, but ended up drunk themselves. I just fell to my knees in front of her and said, “This survey just two weeks, you’ll be great in this role!”. And she agreed,

remembered Roger at a later date.

Ryan Phillippe and Selma Blair

but the role of Cecile here, it was a girl, once already seduced by Valmont, — went to actress Selma Blair. Director she is impressed directly on the sample, so think about other candidates, he just couldn’t. By the way, among the “students” she was the most age on the court — at the time of filming she was 26 years old.

But the end of your script Kambi eventually changed — in the process, it seemed too dark and the film was already quite heavy. Initially he wanted Annette continued to blackmail Catherine, forcing her to participate in the new “cruel games”, but in the end decided that it was too.

the Movie ends with Annette exposes vile person Katherine and goes to the Jaguar Sebastian under the hit Bitter Sweet Symphony idols of the 90s The Verve.

Hidden meanings in the costume of the heroes

In good movies hero costumes are not just clothes, one more expressive tool. Was no exception and this picture is where the costume designer was Denise WinGate, who previously worked on TV series “Melrose place”. From the first shots the colors are non-verbal as a way to counter the heroes.

So, the heroine Reese often wears bright things, while Sebastian is constantly in the black. Drawn to this color and his sister.

In one scene, she is dressed as you usually dress up of characters for scenes of a funeral: a suit of skirt and jacket and a wide-brimmed hat. Considering that unfolded this episode at the picnic in the Park among the crowd of relaxed people, the contrast is only increased.

clothing Style Catherine generally more inclined to outfit a Mature woman is to remember her power suit black pant suit or corset, which again comes into “conflict” with deliberately teenagers, almost children’s clothes, Cecile like t-shirts with a print of the Koala.

Such a contrast highlights the unique hierarchy: Katherine clearly acts as a powerful “adult”, while Cecile is such a “child”, which is manipulated. But there is a wardrobe Cecile and thing with a special meaning — it’s about a red hoodie.

I remember at the last moment decided to put Selma red hooded sweatshirt, so when she goes to see Sebastian, I thought it should look like a modern little Red riding Hood, which goes towards the Gray Wolf,

he told Denise.

Corset Catherine (definitely one of the most memorable outfits in the movie), by the way, is an attempt to link the modern with the age of the original work: Rococo adjacent to the suit from Dolce & Gabbana.

the Manipulative Kathryn and stresses due to changes in her clothes, especially when she wants to pretend to be harmless.

When she tried to act cute like talking with her mother Cecile or seducing Sebastian, we tried to use it more romantic things with soft lines of silhouette,

recalled WinGate.

it was Necessary to emphasize the fact that Sebastian is a representative of “Golden youth”, comes from a wealthy and privileged family. To do this in his wardrobe Denise used a lot of things of Prada brand then, was nbut the peak of popularity.

and white clothes, Annette played an important role in the climax of the film, when accidentally killed Sebastian.

I remember that we wanted she was always in white, in contrast to Ryan, and when he was hit by a car, he sees her as if she was an angel,

— shared costume designer.

by the Way, it is remarkable that the sexuality in the film is almost without a show of nakedness: undressing had only Ryan, but the actress, even in “candid” scenes partly, but dressed.

the Director noted that he did not need was the excessive frankness: all the tension achieved by the artists and hints.

Real romance on the set

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe began Dating two years before the filming of the movie, and after a couple of months after the work on the film ended, they got married. But I must say, on the ground of their relationship were a real test of strength.

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon

One emotional scene where their characters swearing, shooting for four hours.

After it was over, I went outside and I just threw up. I was absolutely exhausted,

— I said to Ryan.

the Marriage of actors has lasted almost ten years — they divorced in 2008, despite the fact that breakup was announced in 2006. Reese and Ryan have children: daughter Ava Elizabeth, Philip was born 9 September 1999, and son deacon Reese Philippe — October 23, 2003.

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon in 2006 Reese Witherspoon with children

In 2011, Reese married agent Jim Toth, married to whom became a mother again: in 2012, the couple had a son Tennessee James The.

But the personal life of Ryan after breaking up with Reese looked pretty chaotic. First he dated actress Abbie Cornish, then his choice was the model Alexis Knapp. She bore him a daughter, but by the time the pair had collapsed.

Then of Philippe was in a relationship with a law student, Pauline of Slagter, which eventually accused him of harassment and filed a complaint with the police.

Ryan Phillippe and Paulina of Slagter

do Not have a relationship with the next chosen one? Elsie Hewitt, who in 2017, accused him of violence? in the end, the actor got a restraining order and cannot come close to ex-lover closer than 90 meters.

Legendary kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair

Watched the audience not only playing “cat and mouse” between Sebastian and Annette. Passions were running high and between Catherine and Cecile. In the end it is their kiss received a prize from MTV and Entertainment Weekly included it in the list of the 100 greatest kisses on the silver screen.

But ploschadke it almost sent in the marriage because on the screen was visible saliva, but the situation was rescued by the operator of Theo van de sand, who was pleased with the removed material.

I don’t remember who, but someone said, “We need another take, the saliva in the frame.” And Theo said, “No, that’s nice”. And I said, “No, it’s hot!”. So it was a happy accident. And frame remember that. They won the MTV Award for best kiss

recalled Gambl.

do you think “Cruel intentions” a cult film?