the Theme of the quiz is songs that are nice to hear in the strevsomme the time we are inside.

And you need an aid? Call a friend or someone in your family. It could be nice to do the quiz in the community, even though we are not physically together.

Tvi, tvi and good luck with the quiz.

1/14 winter OLYMPICS in Lillehammer, See the fire bright, You need javascript to see the video.

See the fire bright

Kåss of the evening with Markus Neby in the tip together with the artist-Norway made this beautiful version of “See the fire bright”.

“See the fire light” was the official song for the Olympic games in Lillehammer, norway. What year was it?

1992 1994 1996 1998 2/14 You still get a day in mårå

Blank sheet of paper and farjestifter tel

Photo: Colourbox

The Norwegian classic “You should get a day in mårå” do you know for sure with Alf pr ¿ysen.

Otto Nielsen wrote the tune, but who wrote the text?

Bjarne Amdahl, Alf pr ¿ysen Ulf Peder Olrog the lauritz Johnson 3/14 in this Together

You need javascript to play the sound clip “We’re All in This Together”.

Which movie is this song from?

High School Musical Spring Breakers, Camp Rock, Freaky Friday 4/14 Who sings?

What is the name of he?

Photo: Efrem Lukatsky

do Not forget, all work out in the end.

Who sings “Don’t Worry, Ask Happy”?

Here is the first verse:

“Here’s a little song In wrote

You might want to sing it note for note

Don’t worry, ask happy

In every life we have some trouble

But when you worry you make it double

Don’t worry, ask the happy

Don’t worry, ask happy now”

Robby McFerrin Billy McFerrin Bobby McFerrin George McFerrin 5/14 Dance alone

You need javascript to play the sound clip “Dancing on My Own”.

Now it is simply best to keep your distance for a while – and dance alone.

Here you will hear Robyns “Dancing On My Own” in a well-known cover as per. currently has over 550 million plays on Spotify.

Who sings on this version?

Jonas Blue John Legend Calum Scott, Ne-Yo 6/14 Optimist

Jahn Teigen sings Optimist during the Eurovision song Contest


there is something that Is important these days is that we are after all trying to be optimists. Therefore, we take for us vissi song “Optimist”.

This song was in the Eurovision song Contest a year. What then?

1989 1994 1983 2000 7/14 A song that gives energy

You need javascript to play the sound clip “Firework”.

We can easily feel a bit down in challenging times. When can this song fit.

Who sings?

Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani Katy Perry 8/14 Especially with the home office Photo: RALPH GATTI

“Let’s Dance” song David Bowie, and with it, we encourage everyone to get up off the couch and dance. It is a good idea in these times when it can be a little bit more stillesitting than otherwise.

What color have shoes David Bowie encourage you to take on in this song?

Green Purple Black Red 9/14 Some support to the

You need javascript to play the sound clip “Lean on Me”.

It is important that we can all kick ourselves in some – when it gets a bit tiring.

What is the name of the man who sings this song?

Al Green, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye Otis Redding 10/14 Every Little Thing Gonna be Alright

Bob Marley

Photo: Afp

do you Recognize this chorus?

“Singing don’t worry ’bout a thing,

‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright.

Singing don’t worry (don’t worry) ’bout a thing,

‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright.”

What Bob Marley song is the chorus taken from?

One Love Could You Ask Loved Three Little Birds Is This Love 11/14 The Weeknd

do Not take on your face!


Some sought the song in this quiz, but it will have to go. Exhortation is: do NOT touch your face in these times! Therefore a song with FACE in the title.

The Weeknd released “Can’t Feel My Face” in 2015. What is the name of The Weeknd really?

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye Aubrey Graham Curtis James Jackson III Shawn Corey Carter 12/14 Family is important for many in these days

You need javascript to play the sound clip “We Are Family”.

What is the name of the band behind the song in the clip?

Brother joseph morgan, Grandmother joseph morgan, Uncle Sledge Sister Sledge 13/14 To you that keeps the wheels in motion

You need javascript to play the sound clip “Louis Armstrong’s great hit”.

To all of you who work and stand on for the rest of us now. Here is a nice song to you.

What is the name of it?

The Colors Of The Rainbow, Trees Of Green What A Wonderful World, I Love You 14/14 Finish the chorus

Not only send a message. Call someone who needs it.

Photo: Jupiterimages

Last, but not least. Now, it is important to have low threshold to call each other.

you May terminate this chorus right?

“I just called to say I love you

I just called to say how much In care

I just called to say I love you

And I mean it ………………………….”

…deep inside my loving heart …from the bottom deep inside …from the bottom of my heart …deep with all my favourite stars, Your profit

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