Hardly anyone has seen him, but all know that It is not a crocodile, not an Alligator but a Caiman! The enigmatic reptile that was spotted a week ago in lake hallwil, has everything you need legends. A fisherman who is sure that cattle exists, as he stressed to GLANCE, repeatedly. The police, who attested that the fishing was very experienced. Two girls who wanted to believe, according to the SRF broadcast “10 vor 10” no one, as they, too, spotted the Cayman Islands.

And now you know of a swimmer who has reported to the police of the Canton of Aargau, as speaker Max Suter VIEWS confirmed. “He said he saw a “crocodile-like animal” in the water,” says Suter.

In our minds he lives

regardless of whether the lake hallwil-Cayman Islands shows up or not: He will live on, at least in our minds. The German social psychologist Dieter Frey explains why: “If a phenomenon can’t be proven, but many people believe in it, it’s called social reality.” If these phenomena appeal to, moreover, dreams or desires, you have even greater chances that you are to be believed, the expert on mass psychology.

it is also Helpful, if the phenomena are repeated frequently, about by intensive media coverage. “Then what arises as awareness. People think Something will already be tuned.”

Typically Swiss: small and herzig

the Classic examples are the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, the snow man Yeti in the Himalayas or Sasquatch in the United States. These beings shall be liable according to Dieter Frey a little “Mysterious, sometimes even Threatening”. The lake hallwil-Cayman Islands fits into this category. If he witnesses, according to eye – typical Switzerland – seems to be a number of small and “hearted”.