A project about remote inspections of pandemic submitted to the Duma

the Authors of the initiative were made by a number of deputies headed by Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, as well as senators, headed by Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak.

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the Initiative of parliamentarians, will improve the availability of medical care for citizens, including the needy in the diagnosis of coronavirus.

According to the initiative, the Cabinet can install features and order of rendering of medical aid, including with the use of telemedicine technologies. This will be possible in emergency situations and (or) at occurrence of threat of the spread of the disease.

the implementation of the bill according to the explanatory Memorandum, will enable the government of the Russian Federation in the conditions of shortages of health workers to make immediate changes in the orders of rendering medical care. The initiative will improve the availability of medical care for the population, stated in the document.

in addition, to provide patient care with the use of telemedicine technologies will be possible today without the necessary identification. We are talking about using biometric data, reinforced qualified electronic signature, the IDs assigned to the medical organisation and other methods of identification established by the government of the Russian Federation.

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As explained by Andrey Turchak, the doctors are only allowed to counsel patients remotely and collect medical history.

“Our bill will change the situation, – said the Senator. He would conduct medical examinations remotely to diagnose and if there is sufficient reason to assign treatment.”

“the Existing law on telemedicine predusmatrivaett that the initial reception is mandatory solely by – said, in turn, his co-author, the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev. But in a situation of a pandemic, when there may be a number of calls when people are not allowed to come by the clinic and when to seek medical care at a time and people suffering from other diseases, and just suspicious people.”

implementation of the initiative, according to him, will separate the really need to visit the doctor or the er from those who were able to be treated under the supervision of doctors”. “This additional tool in the fight against the pandemic,” – said Isayev.

the MP said that on March 26 the bill will be submitted to the Council of the state Duma.

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Will clearly define the list of diseases that require diagnosis using telemedicine, said the Senator Irina Rukavishnikova. In her words, telemedicine provides an opportunity to save physicians time, reduce load on them, that is important while shortage of specialists, especially in remote rural areas.

“for Example, after a stroke, every minute counts, she said. And while the relatives are waiting for the arrival of an ambulance or air ambulance arrival, it is important not to lose precious minutes, to carry out the necessary actions for the patient. Here we need a clear, professional instruction of specialists in interactive mode”.