Hospital Namsos has notified Helsetilsynet, the county governor and the police that a pregnant woman died at the hospital Saturday, 21. march. The unborn child is declared dead. It goes forward in a press release from the hospital.


This is a tragic event that we are required to notify as unexpected deaths. The hospital has in the course of the weekend informed Helsetilsynet, the county governor and the police in line with our procedures, informs the fagsjef Paul Georg Skogen in Health Nord-Trøndelag.

the Forest don’t want to say more about what happened now.

Of respect to their families and the ongoing follow-up of the case, we can not give details about the event in the present time. Most of all, we are committed to follow up of kin and close family, as well as our health professionals, who have been involved in the incident, ” says Woods.

Want to find out what happened

He says that the hospital management and the involved employees will cooperate with Helsetilsynet, the county governor and the police.

– We will answer all questions as best we can. Health professionals also want to find out what happened when the woman and the unborn child died unexpectedly. We want to help ensure that all aspects of the event are reviewed and elucidated in a thorough way. It is important for all involved to find answers as to why the event had such a tragic outcome, ” says fagsjef Paul George Woods.

Relatives have read the content and approved the press release.

Not infected by koronavirus

the Woman had not been shown koronavirus, and was also not admitted because of suspected this, says the hospital to NRK.

Helseforetaket want of attention to the ongoing follow-up of the event not to give further comments.