the President of The Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, has drawn the wrath of the economic Council of the CDU on. In an Interview to Easter, he had asked: “If we have overcome the crisis, then our solidarity will be asked for the solidarity of all.” More Bedford-Strohm said of the “süddeutsche Zeitung” in the conversation: “And when it comes to the Material, then, in particular, to the solidarity of those to whom it is – to me – material goes well.” Bedford-Strohm had referred in the conversation at the same time, that there are assets in Germany alone, more than 6.3 trillion euros of private money.

“Understand the message of Easter differently,”

The President of the economic Council of the CDU, Astrid Hamker, reacted indignantly to the signals. “Obviously, I understand the message of Easter differently than you,” she writes the EKD Council President in a letter, the FOCUS Online is. “There is need of them in the most serious time – once again – that important office instead of to the encouragement for political messages.” Also encourages entrepreneurs, “who are fighting for their businesses and jobs would have to be now, by using equity and in many cases, private reserves have to shoot”.

economic, The new President of the economic Council of the CDU: Astrid Hamker

came To the question of whether he will call for a wealth tax, had not established the Bedford-Strohm in the Interview and said: “I am not a politician or an economic expert, I am a Bishop. But that solidarity must show in appropriate measures, I can say as a Bishop.“ On the demand whether he had thought about how much of his Bishop’s salary, he could refrain, he answered: “I do with my income, I just need a smaller part, now a lot of things. But Yes, this situation is a clear call to me personally, even more, of course.“

assets taxation, to exclude the

Hamker emphasized in your letter, about the income tax and the “solos” was the higher income anyway in an international comparison-high load. “After you do not want to exclude the assets, taxation, the: With such a tax, the state would withdraw from companies in your substance, you just need it for crisis situations.”

From the financial crisis had come to Germany mainly because of the healthy substance in the family business as well. This could be endangered by further pressures in a sustainable way. “Social is what creates work – or just gets! But this should be the order of the hour,“ warns Hamker. Finally, the 53-Year-old writes: “A bit more economic Knowledge about our country, I expect by leading Church representatives.”

“An indictment, Mr Bishop!”

The Bishop had to “media to be enough” to know that his “political statements of the Christian message of Easter would be overlapping out of your Interview”. Hamker concludes her letter with the assessment: “An indictment, Mr Bishop!”

The Council is a CDU-middle entrepreneurial professional Association.

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