At the memorial celebration going dear people: the Governor of the Kirov region, Igor Vasiliev, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, state Duma Deputy Rahim Azimov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “URALCHEM” Dmitry Mazepin, the Hero of Russia, Chairman of the defense Committee of the state Duma Vladimir Shamanov, the Chairman of the Committee for security and corruption counteraction of the state Duma Vasily Piskarev, the Hero of Russia, Chairman of the Committee on defense and security of the Federation Council Viktor Bondarev, veterans and representatives of the search movement in the region.

That preceded the event. Local residents and city organization of veterans had a search and research work. Their results formed the basis of the application for participation in the grant competition “the memory of the heart”, initiated by the Deputy of the state Duma Rahim Azimov. Today the competition implemented 43 Patriotic initiatives. Metalist won the competition, and then with the active assistance of the parliamentarian enlarge your own project, expanding it to create an entire memorial. It is therefore quite natural that at the opening of the monument were words of gratitude to the Deputy of the children and grandchildren of soldiers of the 311-th division.

– during the search, we added the flux of historical memory, learning a lot about the heroes of the division, who have become like family. Our ideas helped make the Deputy of the state Duma Rahim Azimov, who, by the way, for many years actively supported the development of the Kirov region. Thank you to him. Our dreams come true! This success was made possible through the combined efforts of citizens, public organizations and state authorities shared their thoughts Anokhina Olga, granddaughter frontline photographer Daniel Anohina who walked with 311 is a division throughout the war and made about 20 thousand images. For the anniversary of the Victory, he released his album “From Kirov to Berlin”.

On the concrete bas-relief mounted on a granite pedestal, – the faces of the soldiers, recruited in the early days of the war to the frontline nurses. On the memorial plaque – fighting way of a division.

– This memorial – thanks to everyone who feats of heroism forged the victory in the struggle against fascism, and a symbol for future generations, reminding them of the price we paid in that terrible war, – said the Deputy of the state Duma Rahim Azimov. – Division of international, in for the duration of the war fought almost 200 thousand people. This is a heroic people, many of whom came to Berlin. It is our duty to preserve the memory of them.

Next to the bas-relief, on the initiative of the Deputy, with the financial support of the company “URALCHEM” and entrepreneurs of the Republic of Tatarstan installed bronze busts of the two commanders – Heroes of the Soviet Union Boris Vladimirov and Zaki Khabibulin. It should be noted that the company “URALCHEM” on a regular ��Snov involved in the implementation of projects and programmes for the preservation of historical memory about the heroes of the great Patriotic war.

– the company employs about 40 thousand people. We are interested in young educated people, for whom the future of our country. So put forces and means in support of such socially important projects that remind the modern generation about the great history of Russia. We must pay tribute to the fallen and to say again thanks to red army soldiers who defeated fascism, – said Dmitry Mazepin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “UCC “URALCHEM”.

the sound of a metronome held a minute of silence. In the memorial laid the capsule with earth from the graves of soldiers of the division under Chudov, the Kirishi and Volkovym, where they took heavy fighting in the first months of the war.

– Now it is a place where children can worship the ashes of the soldiers said, moved to tears, the Chairman of the Slobodskoy district of the veterans Natalya Black.

Together with the installation of the memorial landscaped and garden: laid with paving stones of the alley, planted the plants.

it was almost a swamp: damp, unkempt. And it is beautiful! The memorial is impressive – nice work. A great job done. I and my daughter have been brought here, let them know the story. It is our memory! – shared his impressions slobozhanin, Alexander Kudryavtsev.