Unidentified passenger aircraft confused companions a homemade protective mask during a pandemic coronavirus. A relevant post appeared in the Instagram account @passengershaming, the authors ridicule the strange antics of the tourists.

available online the frame captured the man in the seat of an aircraft whose face instead of a respirator or medical mask wearing underwear. “We all need to unite and end this — “Oh, look at me how funny I am and original, I use women’s lace underwear as a mask”, — has not become worse,” reads the post.

Subscribers account responded to the publication of the review. “I hope he at least washed”, “I think he just really wanted to draw attention to yourself”, “what difference does it make what is worn on the face?” — they wrote.

on may 22, it was reported that the unhygienic act of a passenger train during a pandemic coronavirus angered passengers. On available online the frame was captured by an unidentified woman in protective medical mask sitting in a chair, leaning back with his back to the window and putting bare feet on a nearby armrest.